35 yrs old

The Family


Treats/Rewards Recieved
Chocolates: 0
Ice Cream: 1 (Recent: skipper)
Roses: 1 (Recent: Rookie)
Teddy Bear: 1 (Recent: Rookie)
First Name: Jessica
Last Name: Merlino
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Favorite Activity: Watching movies, reading, attending concerts and plays...
Intelligence: Well, I'd say I'm intelligent, some-what trainable, and I enjoy a philosophical conversation over a glass of wine.
Playfulness: Well, they didn't vote me "Biggest Flirt" for nothing. LOL I enjoy laughing and having a good time.
Attitude: I am very stubborn, speak my mind but at the same time it usually takes a lot to get on my bad side!
Welcome to MyPetsandPeople! I'm Jessica... I am 26 years old and am always working on some project or another. Peeka Boo is my spoiled baby girl of a princess. Check her page out too! Feel free to ask me questions about your site. Though you might try our FAQs for more information first.

Look forward to chatting with you!
Where to start!?! These bio sections are always so hard to write. I have spent most of my life in Washington State and therefore love the rain. I recently changed careers and began working for an insurance company. When I am not working, I spend most of my time reading, watching movies, and listening to music.
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