13 yrs old
Laso Opso and Chinese Crested Mix
Treats/Rewards Recieved
Steak: 0
Bone: 0
Sausages: 0
Biscuit: 0
Type: Dog
Gender: Female
Breed: Laso Opso and Chinese Crested Mix
Color: White and black
Eye Color: black
Height: 12 inches
Weight: 10 pounds
Favorite Toy: chew toys... Humpy toy ; )
Favorite Activity: chasing anything.... chew toys! Going to Friday Harbor. Going to get coffee with Dad! For that matter.... just going!
Intelligence: smart... especially when it comes to getting treats
Playfulness: Hey I am a dog.. so let's play
Funky: High Energy.. unless I am feeling independent
Attitude: Happy, unless I am in my Cat persona, then leave the dog alone
My Story
Just call me Peekaboo.....

Actually I am Jessica's dog... but I am a Daddies girl.
I love to go to the islands and visit!

Damn it's tough being so cute and cuddly!!
My Activities
Chasing squirrels..... Chasing Squirrels.....Chasing Squirrels!!!!

Unless of course I am busy chasing deer!!!!

Or Possum (yuk).

Bring it on!!!!
Not too much to my life story, it' a lot like a lot of dogs. I was born a poor black and white puppy.....
Peekaboo Virtual Pet
A fun interactive virtual pet. Take him skiing, to the beach, choose diamond collars, props and backgrounds.
Just having a good old time!